September Self Care

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New month, New you! It's September which signifies harvest time and new beginnings!
Are you trying to get back into the routine of life and enforcing some sort of structure seems like a mess. Especially with all the Covid19 restrictions the idea of “Going back to normal” is more than likely impossible and we have to embrace "The new normal" however, it's important to take care of YOU and the best way to do that? With a self care checkup!  
We’ve already gone through ways to practice self care at home (if you missed it find that article here) but here are some ways to remind yourself you're the baddest b out there!


No need to break the bank buuuut you've just spent 6months in lockdown, working, trying hard to put food on the table during a global pandemic you've come so far, Treat yourself with something nice! You absolutely 110% deserve it!!  Whether it's the dress you've been eyeing from Zara or the pair of heels you saw on Isawitfirst… We say Do it! And you can even throw in a little Everday Froday hoodie too since it IS getting colder.


Things are so weird right now and no one really knows what's going on and what's going to happen. It's okay to feel lost and confused and not really sure of your next steps. Your feelings are valid! Take some time away from social media and spend time instead with your friends and family. As lockdown gets eased hit up the girls on the group chat and go out for drinks and remind yourself life is going on around you and you're part of it!! 


Normally for me, whenever things get too much i take some time to do something completely out of my comfort zone like trying to recreate a Vincent Van gogh painting ( i'm in no way, shape or form a painter ) but it was a much needed stress relief that made me laugh and return back to my work with a new perspective.. It was a field I genuinely enjoy and have talent in. More often than not we just need a little reminder of how brilliant our brains actually are and that were capable of so much more.


Doing the same thing repeatedly can often make life feel “boring” and have the days merge in together. Suddenly it's Friday when the last time you remembered it was definitely Tuesday ( although if things do start to get to that extreme I recommend a doctor )
Go out for a 
run every morning you don't even have to actually run but the idea of leaving your house and being outside in nature is a healthy way to get back to touch with yourself and the space around you. But if you're not a running person, stretching/ yoga is a great way to start your morning! Not only is that great for waking your body up but it's also beneficial to your health too!
All in all the most important thing to remember is that you're doing the best for you and we here at Everyday Froday HQ are so proud of you!
You're making the best out of a terrible situation and for that you deserve something great! May September be filled to the brim with good vibes and blessings to you.

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