Four Ways To Stay Safe When Going Back To The Office

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Since workplaces and schools are now reopening let's work together to be as cautious and mindful of everyone around you during this time. We’ve compiled together four easy things to do to keep safe!


Invest in biodegradable gloves to further eliminate surface-to skin contact, it also minimise you spreading anything onto other surfaces or items of clothing. By making sure it's biodegradable you’ll be helping the earth since plastic takes ages to decompose. Let's save our planet whilst staying safe!


Sometimes it's not always possible to use the hand sanitiser provided to you outside of the certain shops and on the Underground plus… lets not lie to each other… they are awful and they don't smell the best. Purchase and always carry your own Hand Sanitiser that you can use at all times ( and if you like things smelling nice get a scented one). 


Going back to work might also bring back bad habits you unlearnt during lockdown. Remind yourself that being on top of your health is more important than anything else. If you are feeling unsure about the social distancing rules set in place by your office or if not enough has been done you do not have to return back to work. check out more here


There is a lot going on right now and being expected to go back to work might actually add extra stress to your daily life. Take some time to just relax into some meditation and mindfulness exercises! It can be so overwhelming and sometimes we just need to ground ourselves in the present time! Learn more here

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