Do It For The Culture With These 7 Statement Boxy Tees

Doing it for the culture is in our DNA, we absolute STAN us and what we bring to the world. 

In this post we explain some of our most popular phrases from our Boxy tee collection, which are super roomy & perfect for warmer weather.

Pair with Mum Jeans or High waisted leggings for that effortless chilled vibe. 

Check out the below and pick your fave! 

P.S some come in a tie dye version too! ☺️

1. Doing it for the culture

Do it for the culture boxy tee


To do it for the culture means to champion black culture and that, of course, includes the people too. Everything we do at Everyday Froday is for this! ✊🏿

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2. Plantaining

Plantaining boxy tee for the culture

Who doesn't love a good, sweet plantain, right? It's so loveable that we HAD to make a boxy tee for it! Plantain-ing, simply put, is enjoying or thinking about plantain. 😋

3. Powered By Jollof

Whether it's the Nigerian or Ghanaian version, we can all agree that Jollof holds a special place in our hearts, right? Our Powered by Jollof Tee is an ode to that. Jollof gives you superpowers- and don't let anyone tell you otherwise. 😉

4. Nah

Nah boxy tee

Our ancestors BEEN saying 'Nah' for centuries to fight for civil rights. Yet still, we see this same spirit channeled in this modern-day, through Meghan Markle, for example. 

Our Nah boxy tee is all about boldly standing in your truth, even if that means going against society's norms.

5. Highly Melanated

highly melanated boxy tee

In a world that often likes to white-wash, we clap-back with this Highly Melanated boxy tee. This helps you boldly proclaim that you're black and proudly so! With this tee, you can shine in all your Black royalty!

6. African

African Tie dye Boxy Tee

Say it with your chest! Celebrate the motherland and let the whole world know you are African and proud. Look great in tie dye too! 

7. Black Girl Magic

black girl magic boxy tee do it or the culture

Black girl magic is about STANNING the glory Black girls have and that society often tries to suppress. Rise up, Black Queen!

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