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  August 22nd, 2021                

If you love Jollof as much as we do, then you'll be excited to know that World Jollof day is a thing! It falls on the 22nd of August and it’s been going since 2015 because of course Jollof deserves its own day, so what better way to honour it. 

You can’t really go wrong with Jollof, originating in Senegal it’s smokey flavour captivates the taste buds of anyone that eats it. However it’s not just enjoyed by Sengalese people, it’s a favourite dish across West Africa and even goes by a variety of names such as Reddish one-pot dish and Benachin! 

If you’re wondering how Jollof can taste so flavoursome the secret is how it soaks up flavour. It’s a one pot dish so all the ingredients in the pan have a chance to soak into the rice and we all know how good the end result is!


As Jollof is so well loved throughout West Africa, different countries have developed their own methods of cooking it! 

There’s definitely many ways of making it and different variations, so drop us a message and tell us how you make yours!  

We’d go as far as to say it’s impossible not to like Jollof ! So YES World Jollof day is a big deal. Make sure you mark it in your calendars for next year. 🤎

Here’s one of our favorite Jollof recipes you can try at home:Authentic Jollof Rice Recipe: A West African Classic | No Dishrespect

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