About Us

Hey hey welcome to Everyday Froday! 

We're all about embracing THE CULTURE. Back in 2018 we had a burning desire to create something that celebrated our community & we wanted to say it loud and with our chest! Kinda literally lol because low & behold our casual clothing line was born. 

Being unashamedly Black we naturally want to empower others and we hope our designs in a small way invoke some meaning to the wearer. Whether its pride, acceptance or even just makes you smile a little, at Everyday Froday we see you. 

For us it's simple 

So if you're looking a graphic or slogan hoodie, tee or sweatshirt that speaks to the community & that might catch a giggle or a spud from the ancestors then you're defo in the right place! 

Welcome to the family 🤎🤎