Taking Pride with Remi Burgz 🏳️‍🌈

We are lucky enough to interview DJ, Presenter & Writer Remi Burgz heading up this weeks blog post for Pride Day, answering some informative questions and sharing her story!
What does pride mean to you?
Pride is a moment of unification for me, a moment where I get to congregate, meet and celebrate the lives of those in our community. It’s important for us to be seen not because we want attention, but because someone out there thinks they are the only person in the world who has the feelings they have and I always look at Pride as a excuse to be even LOUDER than I already am so that person can see that they are not alone.
Where are the safe spaces for people to go to if they need help?
There are many organisations and events that dedicate their sole being to creating spaces for LGBTQIP+ to feel open and protected. For example: 
The Black LGBT Therapy founded by Roselyn Frimpong (who is 1/2 of the UK’s leading black LGBTQ podcast Two Twos Podcast) was birthed during the peak of the pandemic. Ro created this beautiful initiative to raise money for black members of our community to get them into therapy. I can’t express how necessary this is and how grateful I am that this even exists. What a phenomenal woman. 
Existing Loudly, founded by LGBTQ activist  and all round BOSS - Tanya Compas. She created this amazing initiative/space for young people in our community all over the UK to come together and to be honest, share experiences and grow as a FAMILY. That word had to be in capitals because essentially she’s created families that normalise the beauty of being queer. And we bloody love her for it.
How did you come out to your family and friends?
Well I didn’t really come out, I just started having conversation that involved me not dating men. I spoke to my friends first, and then I came out to my family years later however it really was an out of the blue moment. For example I told my Dad whilst I was watching the Voice UK and will.i.am was making us laugh. I promise sometimes you can’t plan these things.
What advice would you give to someone else that is contemplating whether to come out or not? 
I will say my biggest regret in life has been reducing my God given right to EXIST and LIVE my truth to the notion of ‘coming out’. For me personally, I think it’s actually more for other people, you are allowed to be you and this just happens to be a part of you. You shouldn’t and shouldn’t have to hide it. Or explain your existence to anyone.
What advice would you give to someone who wants to help someone struggling with their sexuality?
Create a space around you for the person in question to be themselves. This means taking into consideration what spaces you bring them into. Also encourage them to be able to express themselves freely. 
Don’t pressure them into being the version you have in your head, not every conversation has to be about their identity or sexuality.
The most important thing is listening. People will tell you how they feel and how they want to be treated, you just need to be available to hear them.

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