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Hmm, in these current working from home times it is very easy to lose the home/work life balance. If you don’t manage your day well you could end up  working well in the evenings or over the weekend trying to catch up. It makes it just that little bit harder to switch off and unplug from the Matrix.  
I'm sure you have seen all the posts on Self Care and taking care of yourself before you even attempt to help someone else? Well we here at the Froday HQ have got another one for you! We have compiled a list of 6 top tips to help you recharge and rejuvenate your mind and body. 
So, you know what time it is? YENKO!


The first step is to make a delicious cup of something warm. Whether it's hot water and lemon or herbal tea, make yourself something nice and hot to drink and relish each sip. Try to avoid coffee at least one day a week.  Drinking something warm and refreshing in the morning can help your body relax and help with digestion.


I know with Covid-19 and all the lock down restrictions we want to be plugged into the news however, try to switch off. Go outside for a walk, put your phone down, turn the TV off and unplug from the matrix. Spend some time with the people you love the most, family, friends, watch a movie with your kids, prepare lunch with your partner or just spend quality and peaceful time alone. If you live alone, call a friend and catch up or call a family member. Have some interaction even if it's not face to face and don’t talk about anything work related!


Do something you've been meaning to do! Remember all those tasks that you said you'll do but you never got round to it?  Now is the time my sista!! 

The living room’s looking a bit dusty? Wipe it down.  Want to send some things away to charity but you don't have the time? Now you do ✨ You’ll feel much better after completing something you've been planning. Declutter, redecorate and embrace the fresh and clean clean.


Do a face mask! Homemade face masks are easy and fun to do just 15 minutes out of the day to look after your face! Your skin will appreciate the care! Clay mask, moisture mask, hydration mask, brightening mask. There are so many options, find what your skin needs and give yourself that well deserved R&R. 


Is it really a self care session without a face mask and a warm bubble bath with all bath salts (or bath bombs) lit candles and either some nice music or a good book? Allow yourself some time to relax in the water and let your worries and troubles soak away ❤️ You got this !!!


Remember that self care isn't always face masks and hot baths. If you need help or someone to talk to there are places available to provide you that help. Mental health is just as important as physical :) 

 This website might be helpful if you need more than just a nice soak in the bath 

Here's a link to the Black, African and Asian therapy network

Take some time for yourself because you deserve it! 

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