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We had a quick chat with our good sis, waist snatcher, fitness trainer and all round slay queen. Gina Obeng also know as Just Geen 

Talking about exercise 

What are your top home workout tips?

I like short and intense workouts to activate the whole body to engage key muscles. A good home session should range from 30min - 1 hour max. And of course consistency is key!!  

What are your go to activewear outfits? 

GymShark and of course Everyday Froday Powered by Jollof 

What are your go to exercises to get a flat tummy? 

Plank twists, reverse crunches & leg raises

How about wider hips? 

Standing hip abduction, seated hip abductions & fire hydrants with resistance bands for added pressure

How often should you workout?

3-4 times a week - make sure you rest the body on your days off.

What is your fave workout playlist?

DJ Neptizzle’s x Just Geen Afro Gym workout which you can listen to on Soundcloud

What can people expect from your online workouts?

Fun, but intense workouts, with guaranteed results providing that you remain consistent throughout and eat healthy. My daily VIP IG lives are also lively, my clients have great banter its a great vibe! 

You can find a range of classes on my website 


Let's talk food. 

What's your best low carb meal?

Cauliflower fried rice and jerk chicken. 

And what's your fav healthy African meals to make?

Ghanaian dish called ‘Red Red’, which is basically beans and plantain. I make mine with boiled plantain (instead of fried).

How can we avoid snacking?

By drinking loads of water and eating good fats which you can get from things like cashew nuts, dark chocolate and almonds, avocados, etc.


How can we reduce anxiousness during this time?

Take each day as it comes and listen to your body. stay proactive and try to commit to working or taking a daily walk  as it helps with dealing with mental health.


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