Affirmations and how to use them!

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The world is a scary place at the moment, and while being on social media is a great way to stay in contact and see what other people are up to it can also be draining and time consuming. Not to mention the negative effects of Photoshop which can be seen here and there through a number of celebrities' posts.
Affirmations is primarily the idea of positive thinking and Self Empowerment. It's the belief that a Positive mental attitude supported by affirmations will equal success in anything. They aim to affect the conscious and subconscious mind so that in turn it affects our behaviour, thinking habits, environments and behaviour. 
In order to unlock this special superpower you have to understand it first, so i’ll explain!!  Lets get reading so we can be as carefree as this kid:
They help motivate and help you feel positive about yourself. They keep you focused on your end goal and change your negative thinking patterns into positive ones which help boost self confidence and lessen self doubt. Can also influence the way you think and behave which could lead you to meeting like minded people.
Consistency everyone! Its key! You need to repeat them often enough to build up a habit so it almost becomes like second nature. It's normal at the moment for our positive happy thoughts to be overtaken by negative ones.
For example: “I look great today!” can easily turn into “they look better than me.” What we want to do is if we have a thought like that to change it and say “We both look great!” Instead! 
We suggest here at Everyday Froday HQ to start with a routine!
For example:
  • Wake up, and say your affirmations you can either say it to yourself or repeat it in the mirror. This will help to start your day in a positive light!
  • Repeat again before you go to bed! The idea is that you’ll get positive thoughts while you sleep!
  • Say these affirmations as often as you can throughout the day whenever you feel overwhelmed or stressed or insecure whisper to yourself these words as many times as you need.
  • It's important to be consistent but don't let it overwhelm you. The universe is listening, let it do it’s bit all you have to do is believe in what you are saying.
  • Make a commitment to do it for 30 days but don't search for the results they are already happening around you in smaller ways.
  • When speaking the affirmations talk as if you already are its always present tense “ I am” NOT “i will be”
  • The affirmations should relate to you; you should feel connected to them. For example if you're someone who struggles with body image repeating “I am beautiful.” everyday and believing it will help. 
So… we’ve spoken about how to affirm but what are you going to say? Don't worry I won't leave you cold turkey here are some daily affirmations that you can use for now :
  • I am beautiful
  • I have an abundance of strength
  • I am fearless
  • I am strong
  • I love who i am and who i am becoming 
  • My potential is limitless
  • I can do anything i put my mind to
  • I feel joy and contentment in this moment 
  • I rest in happiness when i go to sleep knowing all is well in my world 
  • I am a powerful courage creator 
  • This is my skin and i love it
  • I am satisfied with my appearance 
You don't have to use these ones in particular unless they resonate with you. Check your mood before you say these too. Are you feeling strong emotions? Which ones? After you've said your affirmations ask yourself the same question again? Is there a change?
Hopefully this helps! Keep shining, you're doing great sweetie!

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