4 Books to read to educate yourself on Racism

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The last few months have been a series of heavy blows, especially for the Black community. Having to explain why you should be supporting the Black Lives Matter movement and why racism is so ingrained in society you as the White person have to self check your own privilege it is not the responsibility of Black people to do so. Understandably it is hard, where do you start? The abolishment of slavery? The Jim Crow laws? You need to start somewhere and I'm here to help!

1. Americanah

Americana by Chimamanda Ngozi, A 2013 novel about Ifemelu, a young Nigerian woman who immigrated to the United States to attend University. The book acts like a lens through which people who aren't Black can experience the difficulties of being black in America. This is just one of several great books written by Aunty Chimamanda, if you have not had a read of her books please do!!

2. Why I am no longer talking to White People about Race 

Why I am no longer talking to white people about racism written by Reni Eddo-Lodge The book that started off as a 2014 blog post addressed to people who refused to acknowledge systemic racism within society.  It got so much recognition Reni decided to make it an actual book, which highlights the whitewashing in british history.

3. Girl Woman Other 

Girl woman other is a novel that follows the lives of 12 British people mostly women and mostly Black. Their stories are emotionally powerful and gripping, their ages range from 19-93 and it's a strong take on being a Black British Woman.

4. Me and White Supremacy 

This book is split into a 28 day programme where it encourages the reader to just take a few minutes a day to read and reflect over Race. It also highlights and touches on White privilege, supremacy and fragility.
These are just a handful of books that touch on some of the different Black experiences. 







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