Kelechi Okafor Interview: Spiritually on Crud Line

From actress to writer, to social commentator, Kelechi Okafor stays blessing our timeline! So, we were gassed to be collaborating with her for the Spiritually on Crud collection! Pree the interview below of Kelechi sharing her inspiration behind this:

What does 'spiritually on crud' mean to Kelechi Okafor?

Spiritually on crud is about being committed to growing spiritually and showing up in the world as your most divine self. Also, helping others along the way and hoping the world will be a better place too.

Spiritually on crud hoodie by Kelechi Okafor

Have you always been Spiritually on Crud?

At 17, I could've never imagined I'd be where I am today. But what I did imagine is this feeling that- yes, I matter and I am seen.


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Why did you choose to collab with Everyday Froday?

I've been a big fan of Everyday Froday for years. Some of my most viral videos are of me wearing their clothes. We came to speak again for International Women's Month. They asked if I had any ideas and I realised that everyone loves how much I love Everyday Froday. And I suggested the name 'Spiritually on Crud'' for the collection. If there was a phrase that could sum me up, that would be it. 

When have you had to show up being Spiritually on Crud?

When I made the ''chat sh*t get banged'' video. I'm not saying that everyone should respond to racists by sparking them, but I am saying that we have to allow space for people to feel the feelings that come from constant oppression. If you want to move mad, understand that the powers that ride with me, move madder.

Listen to the full interview here.

Queen Kelechi also chosen her profits from this collection to go to Sistah Space! Bag the Spiritually on Crud collection, here!


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