Shout out to our Everyday Superwoman

2020 is a whole new decade, bringing new vibes, Black Girl Magic and new opportunities to level up and be inspired. 

This International Women's Month we are highlighting boss ass women in our community who are doing bitssss, breaking glass ceilings and challenging stereotypes.

We met 4 AMAZING women who believe in their sauce, scroll down to find out more about their journeys🌠🌠🌠

We caught up with Kelechi Okafor, co-founder of @Kelechnekoff_studio, Actor/Director/Writer,  Podcaster of @sayyourmindpod, womanist, creator of Sally in HR and an all round BABY GIRL🔥🔥🔥

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We had a chat with Bami Kuteyi, entrepreneur, founder of @twerkafterwork@twerkinheels, @princestrust and a BADDASS twerking DJ!🔑🔑🔑

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We got to know Bernicia Boateng, Global Makeup Artist and owner of @BerniciaBoatengStudios👑👑👑

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We spent some time with Sade Salami, Owner of @wearefsevents & @everydayfroday, creator & Exec Producer - @statuslondon & @totmchat @naturalstylestory 💰💰💰

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A big thank you to all the ladies above, we hope you feel as inspired as we do. To all the boss ass women out there, we see you, keep slaying!!

Happy International Women’s Day

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